Music on Hold

Your own tailored music on hold or IVR welcome message from only £49 + VAT.

“We don’t really leave our customers on hold, so is there any need?”

You’d be surprised. What about transferring a call? Even those odd 20 seconds could be used to increase sales and better serve your customers.

Make THEIR time on-hold work for YOU

Sound as good as you look

To strengthen your brand image, the logo for your web site and
letterhead is probably both consistent and well designed. But when it
comes to the most powerful form of one-to-one communication, does the
entirety of your customer’s telephone call SOUND how you want to LOOK?

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Tell your existing customers about products they didn’t know about

You’re a stationers. Your caller on-hold knows you do pens and rubbers, but did they also know you have very competitive printing and copying rates? Does your business have a unique selling point worth boasting about, which wouldn’t naturally crop up in a normal phone conversation?

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Inform your caller about special events / offers

Let your callers know that you’ll be present at a trade fair soon or hosting a special event. Use the time they’re on hold or being transferred to subtly inform your callers of those extra reasons why it pays to be loyal to you.

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Relax and entertain your caller on hold

Our innovative producers can create a message that not only informs your customer, but also weaves in some humour and interesting facts. This can be a great way to relax your caller before speaking to a member of staff and make it a pleasure being on-hold!

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With or without – the facts

10,000 customers placed on-hold for ONE minute with SILENCE…

  • 70% hung up within the minute
  • 10% when questioned estimated their time on-hold as 5 minutes!
  • 17% estimated 3 minutes
  • 3% estimated more than 1 minute

10,000 customers placed on-hold for ONE minute with MUSIC & MESSAGES…

  • 2% hung up within the minute
  • 81% when questioned estimated their time on-hold as less than 1 minute!
  • 16% estimated more than 1 minute
  • 1% estimated more than 2 minutes

(source AT&T)

Most of us expect to spend a little time on-hold on these days, so use that time to your business advantage.
Even if you strive to not leave your customers on-hold for any period of time, there’ll still be those odd 15 to 20 seconds where a caller is being transferred. As statistics say that 70% of daily calls are passed to someone else, that’s a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Whether you deal in sports gear for 13 year olds or mortgages for 30 year olds, you’ll want to appear 100% professional at all times. On-hold marketing completes your customer’s consistent brand experience.

Forget your preconceptions. On-hold messages don’t have to be dull. Our scriptwriters already have years of experience writing ingenious radio commercials. We can create the perfect bespoke script, just for you, if you’re not keen on doing it yourself.

With EAS music on hold there’s no contract, no licence renewal and no hassle.