EAS-y Hosted Telephony

From £15.50 per month, per user with 5000 minutes FREE – no up front costs!


  • 5000 minutes included
  • Save money right away by reducing line rental
  • Cut the cost of calls – reduce your phone bill
  • Never miss a call as voicemail is included
  • Keep in touch on the move – landline number goes to your mobile
  • Keep your number
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • No software to install
  • FREE EA Systems VoIP to EA System VoIP calls (call your other offices for free)
  • FREE support calls to EA Systems
  • FREE calls between employees
  • No headset or mic required – you don’t even need a computer
  • Add-ons
  • Add call recording

Today it’s all about using communications to work smarter; when a business is able to place calls over the internet it will instantly reduce call costs and increase productivity.

A hosted telephony system is not a convenient, low-cost telephone substitute, it’s a fully-integrated communications solution that unifies all your systems and links multiple sites, therefore providing your business the scalability and flexibility that it needs now and in the future.

Any sized business can benefit from a hosted, or VoIP telephone system from EAS. Instead of installing a PBX per site just as you would with traditional phone systems, you simply gain access to our secure telephony servers from wherever in the world your business is located or your staff are working from.

If you want a high quality phone system that is feature rich and ready to go, contact EAS today to get a free no obligation hosted telephony quote. With EAS-y Hosted Telephony we’ve got a package to suit your needs and can provide you with a complete telephone system review or a simple free of charge, no obligation quote.

Future-Proof your business

Although the old network is still alive and well, many businesses will see it as pointless to invest in a brand new system that has a short shelf life. By embracing EAS-y Hosted Telephony, companies now have the option to buy one system that will last a lifetime.

Reduce your Call Costs

Placing calls over the internet bypasses the costs associated with the old style public network.

General Cost Savings

EAS-y Hosted Telephony allows you to cut back substantially on communications costs, office and travel expenses while improving the motivation and productivity of your employees. We are fairly unique in that there are no upfront costs or capital expenditure, you pay on a per user, per month basis.

Multi-Site Handsets

Your business only needs to buy one system even when working across different sites; no matter how far away they are in the world.

Business Continuity

You can set up contingency plans in advance so if the worst should occur, calls can be quickly redirected to other lines, including mobile phones. Our data centre is also backed up to other centres in separate locations meaning you will always have access to your communications whatever the weather.

Great Features

Easy to use features such as voicemail, voicemail to email, conferencing, hunt groups, messaging and call recording.

Scalable & Flexible

Should you wish to add 1, 20 or 50 more users to your phone system you do not have to install or upgrade to a bigger phone system. The system is scalable to 250,000 users – including homeworkers.