Digital Phone Systems

EA Systems provides Samsung Digital Phone Systems for the best reliability for your business telephone systems.

Digital telephone systems are still very much the focus of a huge amount of companies which do not wish to move across to IP or Hosted telephony.

A digital telephone system is what is known as a conventional telephone system- A piece of equipment located on site with handsets which are wired or wirelessly linked back to that system.

The conventional systems require telephone lines on site such as ISDN or analogue.

There are many manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, NEC and many more.

EA Systems and Support Ltd are a Samsung Partner which allows us to communicate directly with Samsung allowing first class technical support and enhanced buying powers.

We are also a Panasonic Partner providing the same level of sales and support.

Many of our customers believe that having the conventional piece of equipment on site enables them to remain in control. We completely understand that our clients will not always choose the same products and therefore we remain dedicated to providing a choice of systems in which we are highly trained.

The choice is yours as to which system you prefer – We always like to look at a customer’s business as if it was ours and advise the best option to move forward and to protect against further spending.

Please feel free to call us for a chat or drop an email if it’s easier.