Office Moves

Need help moving your office telephones?

Moving office can be stressful at the best of times, so delegating the moving of the telephone system and lines should sound exciting!

We will visit your existing premises to assess first off, the amount of time it will take to remove your current system.

We will also make a comprehensive list of all the lines, whether analogue or ISDN, broadband connections and alarm lines coming in to the building.

After this has been accomplished, we will take details of the telephone system to be moved i.e How many extensions? Where people are seated? And so on.

Then comes the exciting part! The new premises.

  • Along with you, we will visit the new site and assess whether any cabling is required and if so what type of cabling?
  • Where will the system and lines be located?
  • And the seating positions of all staff.

Our aim is to make the telephone system shift one less problem for our customer to worry about.

We have several years experience in relocating customers, and we like to ensure they are all well looked after.

Little Tip: Please allow us as much notice as possible to ensure a smooth transition!